About us

Tumurly Smart Technology Systems Ltd. STI; TUBİTAK BİGG Tekno-attempt was established to develop R & D-based, customer-oriented, value-added, smart and domestic technologies with the support of Capital. System design, equipped with intelligent solar system design, intelligent wind system design, electronic card design and system integration, software capabilities, web design and mobile application features, in order to meet the need in this area, together with the inclusion of renewable energy sources Tumurly’s main field of activity is the design, development of domestic and intelligent solar and wind systems.

There are electrical and electronics, machinery, computer engineers and academicians who turn the imagination of domestic and national technology into the product and state supported R & D projects are carried out.

Tumurly has been operating since 2018 as an ITU Teknokent incubator company.

Tumurly is a technology enterprise with a team of young and dynamic engineers and academics, specializing in the production and analysis of intelligent solar and wind systems. Tumurly adopts domestic production, production of high quality products and customer oriented business development as the main principles. Tumurly transfers its knowledge about the efficient use and production of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to the field of business and designs systems that enable all end-users to benefit from these sources in an easy way.

OUR prototype

Our prototypes are being developed by our R & D team.

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Tumurly Akıllı Teknoloji Sistemleri Ltd. Şti 

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