Turbo1200 Wind Turbine


Nominal Power(15 m/s) = 1200W

12/24/48V Options

On/Off Grid Types

Color: White – Green

High Efficiency, Long Life – CE Certificated.

  • Aluminum body: Perfect for the heating and cooling effect of the stator
  • Double tail: It captures the wind direction very well and is based on angular momentum.
  • Quiter winds: Improved wind quiters
  • Movement at low wind speeds: 3 m / s
  • Double bearings: less vibration
  • Inox bearing: Stainless
  • Elongated tail shape: catches big wind
  • 3 cable slip rings – Prevents cable kinking, the wind turbine can rotate 360 ° in the same direction.
  • The glowing LED under the turbine!
  • Charge Controller: It has a manual and automatic braking system.

The highly efficient, high quality and durable Tumurly® Turbo1200 horizontal wind turbine, developed and produced by Tumurly engineering, is produced with the latest technology called the new generation. Constructed with strong steel housings and high quality neodymium magnets, the turbine generator generates high efficiency electrical energy. Fiberglass-reinforced composite rotor blades are very durable, robust and at the same time very light. The turbine body casing made of aluminum is equipped with cooling fins. The maintenance-free, high-quality slip ring, which transmits the electrical energy generated by the turbine to the lower cable connection, prevents the cables from twisting and provides a continuous energy flow. The turbine has a permanent magnet generator with strong neodymium magnets with steel slots inside the wind turbine.


When the wind speed is 3 m/s and above, the blades will take the wind power and start to rotate the turbine by exceeding the holding moment (gear torque) of the generator. The 3 Phase AC electrical energy produced by the turbine is converted to DC energy via the Tumurly Original Charge Controller. When the Wind Turbine reaches sufficient speed and voltage, it starts to charge the batteries it is connected to via the charge controller. When the batteries are sufficiently charged, the charge controller automatically brakes and discharges the turbine through the braking resistor.

Mechanical Installation​

The inner diameter of the mast required for turbine assembly must be at least 37 mm. You can also purchase the 4.5m high hinged and roped Tumurly pole set. After the turbine is placed on the pole with a suitable screw connection, cable connections are made and the hinged turbine pole is fixed to the hard ground with steel screws and the ropes are tensioned. The 3-phase electrical cables coming from the turbine are mounted on the charge controller at the relevant location. The system is activated by connecting the batteries to the charge controller. In order not to damage the charge controller, the batteries are connected first and the wind turbine is connected last. The Tumurly® Turbo1200 wind turbine can be used as a hybrid with solar systems. In this way, the solar panels and the wind turbine can charge the same batteries.

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