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The most frequently asked questions by our customers

How can I buy ?

You can easily buy the product you want with our online sales channels. You can also pay by wire transfer.

How can I install the turbine?

You can easily install the turbine with the guides on the documents page or call us for support.

Do you have domestic and international deliveries?

We can ship products to all over the world. Transportation times may vary depending on distance.

How long is the warranty and maintenance period?

The warranty period of the product is two years. Since the friction force is low in our turbines, they do not need general maintenance.

Can I integrate solar energy system?

You need to connect the batteries of your installed solar energy system. What you need to do is to connect the battery outputs of the wind charge controller to the batteries of your system.

I have mains electricity, how can I integrate it?

With the on-grid wind inverter, you can easily integrate the turbine into your grid system.

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